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Welcome to, your go-to source for everything related to pet snakes. Dive deep into our comprehensive guides on snake diets, care, behavior, and more. Plus, discover top-notch buying guides and unbiased product reviews to ensure your slithery friend gets the best!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to champion the conservation of snakes and empower snake pet owners to provide unparalleled care to their beloved reptiles. Through our tutorials, guides, and product reviews, we aim to be the beacon of knowledge in the snake world.

Our Story

Established in 2023, Slithering Friends was born out of a genuine need.

Frustrated by the lack of reliable information on snake care and diet, we embarked on this journey.

From humble beginnings, our passion has driven us to become the trusted source for snake enthusiasts everywhere.

Who We Are

Our team is a blend of snake lovers, researchers, and writers. Each member brings their unique expertise, ensuring our content is evidence-based and unbiased. We pride ourselves on our commitment to truth and science, always striving to deliver the best for our readers.

Background On Viljoen

Hailing from the diverse landscapes of South Africa, Viljoen’s fascination with snakes began at the tender age of 13. While most teenagers were engrossed in video games or sports, Viljoen found himself captivated by the intricate patterns, behaviors, and mysteries of these slithering creatures.

Growing up in a country renowned for its rich biodiversity, it was only natural for Viljoen to develop an affinity for the natural world. However, it was snakes that truly captured his heart. Over the years, this passion has only intensified, leading him to establish “Slithering Friends” – a platform dedicated to educating and assisting fellow snake enthusiasts.

Today, Viljoen stands as a beacon of knowledge in the snake community, drawing from his years of experience and innate curiosity. His South African roots, combined with his unwavering dedication, make him a unique voice in the world of reptile care and conservation.

Our Responsibility

Editorial Integrity

At Slithering Friends, our word is our bond. We pledge:

  • Unbiased Reviews: No sponsorships. No biases. Only products we’d buy ourselves.
  • Evidence-Based Content: Every piece is backed by in-depth research.
  • Continuous Updates: Outdated or incorrect info? We’re on it.

Ethical Affiliate Marketing

While we use affiliate marketing to sustain our blog, our commitment remains to our readers. We never compromise on quality for a higher commission. Our recommendations are genuine, always.

Conservation and Ethics

Our commitment extends beyond just snakes. We’re dedicated to reducing animal cruelty and our carbon footprint. Join us in making a difference.

Connect With Us

Got a question or feedback? We’re all ears. Reach out via our contact page or drop a comment under our articles. We value your insights and look forward to connecting!